Hello and welcome. Thanks for stopping in. 

While in university, we heard this well-versed advice, "Spend your life doing what you would do for free" and since then we have been dreaming together about this day; the day we would have a professional accounting firm that works actively along-side owner-managed businesses, filling in the accounting, taxation and operational blanks. 

We understand dreams. We understand long days and long nights poured into what you love. We also understand that the best way for you to be successful is to leave your time free to focus on your passion. For the small to medium business owner, accounting and taxation are not that. 

So in the back-ground, while you are manufacturing, building, servicing or filming to your hearts delight, we are working hard on your tax compliance or issue resolution, assurance needs (including audit, review or notice to reader services), or a full-range of book-keeping services, from payroll to cash-flow management and everything in-between.

Because we understand the stress associated with CRA dealings, we have made it our highest priority to understand the tax impact of each of your business transactions in order to ensure minimal compliance risk. 

We believe in the value of relationship for business excellence, and we welcome opportunities to talk with you outside of normal year-end parameters. We are also happy to answer general questions via email and text messaging for your convenience. We have built everyday technology into our business model because we know that time matters and sometimes a quick text message can get the job done.

Finally, professional development is of utmost importance to us. We remain engaged all year round in gaining further insight and expertise in taxation, assurance and business best practices so that we can provide you with service excellence.

At Tory Jarvis & Co. we know that business is always personal and we strive to provide that personal touch.

We look forward to meeting you and being a part of your business foot-print!